This Animato Orchestra homepage chapter is presenting in its « Gallery » the Animato Foundation Orchestra playing classical concerts on stage – but do you know really the «Animato Community» ? Under this term we understand all that is going on before and after the official concerts during an Animato Academy & Concert Tour. To provide an inside look to this «community life» full of unique experiences, challenges, moments of joy and celebrations and adventures we have put together an «Animato Community Video» arranged from video clips and snapshots from the last 10 years which you will find by clicking the start bottom. Enjoy it and – for music students playing a classical orchestra instrument: Join the Animato Academy & Concert Tour 2020.

We are more than a Project Orchestra – We are Friends

Every second year the Animato Academy and Concert Tour brings together over 80 young musicians from different countries and culture backgrounds. Every participant is becoming an active part of a vivid community, living together and sharingall the ups and downs of a European wide Concert Tour in a short but intensive time frame. Among orchestra member a natural desire is the emerging desire to keep contact among each other beyond the common time and adventures during the particular Academy and Concert Tour.

Animato Foundation is supporting