Admission Process

Welcome to the first step of the Admission Process.

1. Check if you fulfil the formal admission conditions. The conditions are outlined in the box below.
2. If you fulfil the formal admission conditions, please continue to the Interest Form.

Formal Admission Conditions

1. Candidate has reached the legal age of eighteen years.

2. Candidate is in the final phase of his/her academic music studies and has received a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) prior to the start of the respective Animato Academy.

3. Candidate has experience in playing in a philharmonic orchestra permorming in public concerts.

4. Candidate is not yet working as full-time music professional.

5. Candidate has good communication skills in English and is capable and motivated to work in a team.

6. Candidate commits to participate during the complete Animato Academy and Concert Tour of the respective year.

On request based on justifying reasons the designated conductor may grant exceptions from the fulfilment of these formal conditions.