Audition Process

1. Mandatory Audition Process and exceptions

The Animato Audition Process is mandatory for all new candidates who have not yet participated in an Animato Academy and Concert Tour.

Ex-Animato Orchestra Members who have participated in a previos Animato Academy and Concert Tour are excluded from the Animato Audition Process as long as the apply for ordinary orchestra membership.

For all candidates who are opting for a Lead position the Animato Audition Process is mandatory.

2. Audition deadline

The deadline to apply for Animato Academy & Tour 2020 is: 30.04.2020.

As long as the Animato Foundation Orchestra 2020 is not completed further auditions deadlines will be announced.

Only complete applications (detailed Interest Form, see under Admission) and uploaded video recording will be considered.

3. Audition repertoire

  • One movement of a major work for your instrument (2-4 minutes) (for example: 1. movement of a classical concerto)
  • Orchestral excerpts* (as indicated on the list)
Download Animato excerpt list 2020

4. How to upload your video recording

Download Animato Video Audition Instruction

5. Audition results

The Artistic Director supported by the Artistic Advisor decides on the nomination as member of the Animato Orchestra 2020. The Animato Foundation will inform the candidate about the outcome within a month after the deadline indicated under 2.

The candidate may fall in one of the following three categories:

  • Admitted member of the Animato Foundation Orchestra 2020
  • Stand-by candidate for the official waiting list
  • Status of not being admitted to Animato Foundation Orchestra 2020