The guiding principle

Every year the DAVOS FESTIVAL Academy invites 20-25 young musicians to take an active part in the DAVOS FESTIVAL –̵ young artists in concert to further their professional, individual advanced training. Selected participants in the DAVOS FESTIVAL Academy spend every day for two weeks in rehearsals, workshops and lectures, perfecting their art under the guidance of tutors, soloists, composers, established chamber music ensembles and the Festival’s advanced Young Artists. Members of the Academy are repeatedly formed into new ensembles, giving them the opportunity to perform during the DAVOS FESTIVAL as part of both the DAVOS FESTIVAL Camerata and a chamber music group. There are also additional instruction facilities for Academy participants.

The initiators

The DAVOS FESTIVAL– young artists in concert provides a unique, internationally recognised platform for highly talented young musicians who are about to embark on their international careers. An idea that has been consistently and successfully implemented since 1986, it will be given a contemporary continuation in Davos in future. Young, talented musicians from Europe and beyond are invited to Davos for two weeks as part of the annual DAVOS FESTIVAL to play in a variety of chamber-music ensembles, continue their development, get to know each other, meet their audiences and gather important creative inspiration.

The Academy’s principal components

The following items, all part of the Festival, constitute the Academy’s programme. Members and tutors are carefully selected. The success of the Academy depends on participants taking an active part in every event on the programme, acting on their own initiative where appropriate.

  • DAVOS FESTIVAL master classes (optional)

For all participants:

2019: mentoring on rehearsing chamber music for smaller casts and chamber orchestral casta. Possibility to seek coaching in single or group classes with mentors such as Maximilian Hornung, Nils Mönkemeyer, Yulianna Avdeeva, William Youn, Roberto Gonzalez Monjas, Benjamin Nyffenegger. Free access to Sir Andras Schiff‘s lecture recital and master class.

  • DAVOS FESTIVAL workshop

In cooperation with Adecco Group Foundation the Academy provides the opportunity to participate in workshops which focus on the topic Portfolio Careers. This includes individual consultation with in this field specialised experts.

  • DAVOS FESTIVAL open stage

Chamber music in which Academy participants are given the opportunity to perform as well as interact with their audiences.

  • Special events

Workshops on subjects such as audition training and concert coaching put the finishing touches to the Academy and its opportunities for continuing personal and professional development.

Applicants – Requirements

The open application process and the selection of participants take place under the artistic and administrative supervision of the DAVOS FESTIVAL by 31 March in the year of the Festival.

All applicants must:

–    be in active musical training at a university or college, or have completed their studies no more than two years ago (i.e. in summer 2017)
–    speak good English
–    as a rule be no more than 30 years of age
–    not have taken part in the DAVOS FESTIVAL more than three times.
–    application form (no later than 31 March)
–    updated CV with photo
–    recommendation from a current tutor (ideally a brief letter of recommendation)
–    electronic audio or video file of a performance of the applicant’s own choice (not longer than 20 minutes)


Applicants selected to take part in the Academy by Oliver Schnyder, the Artistic Director of the DAVOS FESTIVAL, and by Roberto Gonzalez Monjas, the mentor of the DAVOS FESTIVAL Camerata, are notified in writing. Selected applicants have ten days to accept the invitation to the Academy and sign a binding participation agreement between themselves and the DAVOS FESTIVAL. If they fail to do so within the time allowed, their DAVOS FESTIVAL Academy places are offered to other applicants.

The Academy

The second DAVOS FESTIVAL Academy will take place from 1 to 18 August 2019. Participants are expected to make careful preparations for it, both musically and organisationally. The organisers provide participants with an online organisation tool giving them access to scores, schedules and rehearsal and concert plans. Participants can also use it to clarify questions about the organisation of travel, accommodation, visas etc. with the Festival’s management. Academy participants can also make preliminary contact with tutors and mentors – in fact, they are encouraged to do so. On or before their arrival in Davos for the start of the DAVOS FESTIVAL Academy, participants will each be given a personal Academy plan. All participants are required to commit themselves wholly and enthusiastically to the DAVOS FESTIVAL Academy. On its completion, successful participants are awarded certificates issued by the DAVOS FESTIVAL.

No charge is made for participating in the Academy. Participants are provided with accommodation (full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the time they spend in Davos. Both single and double rooms are available (Accommodation in double rooms is common. If the participants wish to be accommodated in a single room the additional charge flat is CHF 140 for the whole time). Travel costs are met by the Academy, as a rule from the location of their current university or college to Davos and back; by train up to 500 km each way, by air above 500 km each way possible; the total cost of the return journey is limited to CHF 300). Participants are given guest passes in Davos enabling them to use local buses and cableways free of charge.

Travel arrangements will be made in good time in consultation between the DAVOS FESTIVAL and the participants, and will then become binding. As a rule, any associated costs are met directly by the DAVOS FESTIVAL. Any Academy member planning to pay travel costs in advance and claim them afterwards must obtain the consent of the DAVOS FESTIVAL.

Open Academy positions in 2019

  • 10 violins
  • 4 violas
  • 3 cellos
  • 2 double basses
  • 1 flute
  • 1 oboe
  • 1 clarinet
  • 1 bassoon
  • 1 French horn

Deadline: 31 March 2019

All information and application form here on

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