Persons who access the Website of Animato Foundation agree to the following terms and conditions. Any special agreement in connection with the individual services or products of Animato Foundation is supplemental to these terms and conditions. However, in the event of a dispute, the provisions of the special agreement take precedence.

No offer, no obligation

Information that is released on the Animato Foundation Website does not constitute an enquiry, an offer or a recommendation of any product to buy or sell, transaction to conduct or service to prefer.

Information content, topicality and links Animato Foundation uses the utmost diligence in researching the published information released on its Website as well as in selecting the information sources used. Nevertheless, Animato Foundation assumes in no way liability for the validity, completeness, topicality or ongoing availability of the information provided and/or the information sources.

In the event that a third party’s website is accessed via available links on the Animato Foundation Website, this will lie completely outside of the responsibility of Animato Foundation. Consequently, Animato Foundation assumes in no way responsibility for the exactness, completeness and legitimacy of the contents of such websites or for any offers and services contained therein.

Regional legal access limitations

The Animato Foundation Website is not subject to any person in any jurisdiction in which (on the basis of nationality, the residence of the person or for any other reason) the release or availability of the Animato Foundation Website is prohibited. Persons who are subject to such prohibitions are not permitted to access the Animato Foundation Website.

Limitation of liability

Animato Foundation is in no case liable for losses or damages, regardless of the type (including resulting or indirect damages or loss of profit), that occur through or in connection with access to the Website, requesting, using or querying its contents or with the installed links on the Website or URLs of other operating companies. This also applies if the possibility of such damages has been pointed out to Animato Foundation.

Moreover, Animato Foundation repudiates all liability for any manipulation through the use of the computer system of the Internet user via an unauthorised party. In this respect, Animato Foundation expressly points out the danger of viruses and the possibility of a targeted attack by a hacker. To prevent viruses, we recommend using the most current versions of browsers and updating regularly anti-virus programmes. As a rule, an e-mail from an unknown person as well as an unexpected attachment of an e-mail should never be opened.

Storage of registration data

Certain areas of the Animato Foundation Website are only accessible to registered users. By completing and submitting the online registration form, the user confirms that the given data are complete and/or the questions were truthfully answered. Further, the user declares by submitting the completed online form to expressly concur with the automatic processing of his registration data by Animato Foundation and that it may be passed on in the internal organisation and processed, forwarded and used in the same respective manner.

Animato Foundation undertakes to protect the private sphere of every existing, former and future client. Animato Foundation uses the information only to improve the quality of services that Animato Foundation would like to offer its clients. Animato Foundation employs physical, electronic and procedural securities to protect personal information including firewalls, individual passwords, and encryption and authentication technologies.

Animato Foundation does not use the data for any other purpose other than the one stated above and does not give any personal information about clients or former clients to third parties, with the exception of the client’s consent or in the case that the information is otherwise authorised or legally requested. Animato Foundation stores personal information for the required time frame in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Information effective: Jannuary 2014