Selection Process

Dear Musicians

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our next Animato Orchestra.
The aim of the Selection Process described in this chapter is to verify, if you fulfil the required professional level for the orchestra role you are opting for.
In the following we present information about and the objective of the three different steps of this Selection Process:

1. Admission – Verification whether you fulfil all formal conditions, such as age, music university level, education, etc. to be admitted as orchestra candidate to pass to the next step.

2. Audition – The Audition test in form of Virtual Audition via private YouTube shall allow Animato Foundation to assess your level of playing your instrument and decide if you qualify for the orchestra position you are opting for – including lead positions.

3. Agreement – The Participation Agreement signed by you and Animato Foundation will document your membership at the Animato Orchestra and will bring the Selection process to a positive end.

Depending on you envisaged role in the Animato Orchestra and you being an Ex-Animato Orchestra Member or not, the overall Selection Process is different. Please read all the information about Admission and Audition carefully before you start your application by filling in the Interest Form under chapter Admission. If you need clarification, please contact us – we are always available to help you through the Selection Process.