Every second year the Animato Academy and Concert Tour brings together over 80 young musicians from different countries and culture backgrounds. Every participant is becoming an active part of a vivid community, living together and shearing all the ups and downs of a European wide Concert Tour in a short but intensive time frame. Among orchestra member a natural desire is emerging to keep contact among each other beyond the common time and adventures during the particular Academy and Concert Tour.

Animato Foundation is supporting this desire by the following initiatives and services:

  • Facebook

    A very high percentage of the Orchestra Members of Animato are using Facebook. Animato Foundation has therefore created for each Animato Foundation Orchestra in a given year a “closed user group” on Facebook to keep the intra-orchestra communication privately.
    Please contact our Animato Team to be admitted as a former orchestra member to the respective closed user group.
    > Contact

  • Opportunity to meet again

    Animato Academy and Concert Tour: As we know our past Orchestra Members well we offer them the opportunity to come again to an Animato Academy and Concert Tour and to perfect their advanced music education and to meet old friends. Past Orchestra Members of Animato may apply individually and please find the dates and programmes of the coming Animato Academy and Concert Tour under > Academies and Concert Tour.

  • Cooperation projects

    Animato Foundation is directly or indirectly involved in other musical projects for young artists and youth orchestras. > See for actual details about such projects under Latest News.
    A well established cooperation project is the formation of the “Davos Festival Camerata” composed in iits majority out of string members of the animato Foundation Orchestra. > Partner/Further Partners & Memberships.