Our vision…

Our vision is based on two pillars:
  • we believe in the bridging and uniting power of music which can overcome and let forget separation, conflict and isolation.
  • we further believe in a united Europe and the future of its wealths of classical music to be passed on to future generations.

Our vision is therefore to contribute to the further culture unification of Europe and to create a spirit of true understanding and cooperation among a young elite coming from the European countries historically divided by centuries of armed struggle and cold wars. We realise this vision by forming the Philharmonic Orchestra of Animato Foundation and bringing together young musicians from Europe and abroad.

Our ambition…

Despite our limited financial means and the restrictive range of action we endeavour to offer to all our members of the orchestra:

  • a unique educational experience: as a complement to their education Animato Academy and Concert Tour should support Orchestra members to bridge the gab between their academic world and the one of their future professional life as a player in a professional orchestra. In addition having played so far usually in a University-Orchestra the participants in a European wide Concert Tour with all its attraction of visiting new European cities and sightseeing but also with the hardships of time constrained, potentially stress and travel challenges should provide them with a new insight of a facet of their future career as Orchestra player.
  • a unique environmental and “European” experience: in bringing our young orchestra members to leading European music centres and let them play – usually for the first time – in some of the most prestigious and historical music halls of the whole continent the particular spirit of the European classical music tradition should be provided to them.
  • a unique social experience: in confronting our orchestra members not only to play in a ad-hoc orchestra whose member are not known to them before and being obliged to live, travel and share their leisure time with its peers overcoming many linguistic hurdles. In learning to adapt his/her own behaviour to this special community the social experience may well be instrumental to form international oriented networks and sometimes lifetime friendships among young musicians from very different culture backgrounds.

Our Ambition 9