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Looking back

„Stopped by Corona“ – On 31st of May 2020 – shortly after the lockdown period in most European countries, the Animato Team has communicated the cancellation of the fully prepared Animato Academy and Concert Tour 2020 followed – up by informing the 92 selected orchestra members 2020 about this annulation. The further development of Covid-19 – in particular the arrival of the “second wave” in fall 2020 – has confirmed the correctness of this not easy decision.

Orchestra project 2021

„If the Corona situation allows“ – Already in the second part of 2020 the Animato Team started preparing a new orchestra project anticipating that the Covid-19 situation will be under control in fall 2021 and therefore safe for a symphony orchestra to play publicly – an assessment shared by the classical music community at that time as well.

Based on our lessons learned from 2020, the Animato Academy and Concert Tour 2021 has been downsized to a smaller orchestra of a “Chamber Orchestra type”. The already selected and confirmed orchestra members for 2020 will be asked for their willingness and availability to join this new chamber orchestra in fall 2021. As we shall not need everybody selected in 2020, the best players of each instrument group will be confirmed in relation to the instrument position required in such a chamber orchestra and defined by the music program chosen.

Coming next

„Roll-out postponed“ – When the announcement of the breakthrough in the search of an effective vaccination against the Corona virus was announced in the whole classical music world – including us from Animato – considered that the deadly virus will be beaten soon. The Animato Team therefore believed that in fall of this year the Animato Chamber Orchestra Concert Tour would go live.

However, this positive outlook has been quickly bleured by the news of the detection of several new Corona viruses which had mutated from the one so far known. The governmental security level in Europe changed equally by tightening the prevailing lockdown measurements going as far as boarder closing.

In view of this new situation with many medical questions still unanswered we have decided to postpone the roll-out and publication date of the detailed program of the Animato Chamber Orchestra Concert Tour 2021 to a later date when the situation has become clearer.