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Claire Huangci is giving a solo piano concert in Vienna, organized by Animato Foundation on the 25th of October 2020. Claire, piano soloist together with the Animato Orchestra 2010 and 2018 and the designated soloist for 2020 has initiated this welcomed use of the “Grand Hall” in the Wiener Konzerthaus for an Animato sponsored concert despite the fact that we cannot show up with the Animato Foundation Orchestra as a result of Covid-19.

Outlook 2021

Animato is working on a new pre-project of an Animato Academy and Concert Tour 2021 under Covid-19 conditions i.e. a downsized project e.g. smaller orchestra of a “chamber orchestra type” and a shorter Concert Tour. The already selected and confirmed Orchestra members for 2020 will be asked for their willingness and availability to join the new orchestra next year and as we not need everybody, the best players of each instrument group will be selected again with the reference to the instrument position available in such a chamber orchestra.

Looking back

On 31st of May 2020 – shortly after the lock-down period in most European countries, Animato has communicated the cancellation of the fully prepared Animato Academy and Concert Tour 2020 following-up the information of the 92 selected Orchestra members 2020 about it. The development of Covid-19 since then has confirmed the accuracy of this decision as the risk to be infected in planes, buses as well as living together and playing while keeping the official distances and wearing mask would hardly be possible for our large orchestra.